Invest in Your Health This Year!

Recently, in an interview with SD Voyager they asked about the challenges of getting healthy. Here was my response:

"I get a lot of patients with complex medical histories, and sometimes it’s hard for people to accept that healing may not happen as quickly as they want it to. Mostly I get people who haven’t felt well for years, sometimes decades – so it can take months or a couple of years before they are where they want to be when they first come in the door. I have seen people turn around in a week or a month, but with chronic diseases that kind of healing is pretty rare."

Being an "Out of Network" naturopathic doctor has a LOT of advantages - I can provide my patients with care they can't get anywhere else. However, this means I'm the doctor of last resort for many patients - and treating conditions that have been deteriorating for years is more difficult than intervening early. 

When it comes to your health, you reap what you sow (mostly). The earlier, and more often you invest in it the greater benefits you'll feel!Every healthy meal, meditation, and workout are deposits into your Future Health Account! And although it may take time to get to where you want, you'll see and feel the benefits of your effort right away! 

Now is the time. Commit to your health - Book a visit soon and get your year started off right!

You can read the whole SD Voyager interview here. 

In Health,

Michael Stanclift, ND

Naturopathic Doctor in Carlsbad California