Throwing Rocks Into Water

You can surprise a five-year-old by agreeing when they ask to throw rocks into a lake. Normally they are discouraged from throwing rocks, and for good reason - but a still lake is a welcome recipient for such an activity. Why is it so satisfying? Maybe it's the sound, or the splash. Or maybe it's something more. 

A clumsy dog can dislodge a loose stone, plopping it into the water, and revealing this small satisfaction. But it takes a human to divulge the secret of a stone skipping across water. And to a five-year-old, a rock skipping across water is pure magic. It defies what they know about the world, and sparks their curiosity. They can learn the skill quickly - the water hiding each failure, and encouraging them to try again. And when they learn, they will know they are capable of magic. Maybe then their new satisfaction will be the ripples of their impact spreading far further than they expected.

*This post was inspired by my five-year-old nephew, Colby.