Savor Just This Moment

Life is hectic. And the next thing you want won't bring you satisfaction if you can't accept this moment, as it is, right now. And conversely, if you accept this moment, it doesn't matter whether or not you get your next desire. 

Stress, anxiety, depression, ADHD, addictions - these things have their biochemical influences - and we can alter those with our diets and medicines. But without our willful shift in perspective, all the dietary rules, supplements, and medications can't deliver the relief we seek. 

A useful trick in shifting our perspective is to find what we are grateful for, in this moment.

Try this:

  • Find one thing for which you are grateful.
  • Ask yourself, "why am I grateful for this?"
  • Share that with someone you trust.  
  • Repeat as necessary.

I'll Start this Exercise - In this moment, I am grateful for my infant daughter's health. I've been losing sleep to care for her, which is tough. But I know right now there are new parents wishing they could take their babies home from the NICU, and they wish lost sleep was their biggest concern.