A Doctor's Secret

Look, I know as well as anyone that most secrets should not be told, but this one's different. This is one of those secrets that I've learned, I've used, and I hear over and over from other doctors at conferences. 

In the practice of medicine we're always in search of the purest, most potent, safest medicine out there. We're looking for something that will cure instantly, and have little or no side effects. You're probably expecting me to tell you that these medicines don't exist - but they do. Now you're probably expecting me to tell you that although they do exist, they're really expensive - they're not. 

Some of the most potent and valuable medicines I've used in my practice, some of the biggest game changers:

  • I had a woman in with terrible digestion ever since moving to the area. I asked her to stop drinking alkaline water with every meal and her digestion cleared up immediately.
  • I had a guy in my office with really high blood pressure, I was about to put him on medicines and decided first to try a breathing exercise. After two minutes of the breathing exercise his blood pressure had dropped 40 points, and it was normal. In two minutes!! 
  • I had another patient who had been in pain for a couple of years. They came in after seeing many doctors, and having countless tests done - nobody could find a reason for the pain. I asked them if they would try to stop eating peppers, tomatoes, and potatoes - their pain was gone in a few days. 

Sure, I've got examples of dramatic changes that required obscure lab tests, months of hard work on my patient's part, and numerous medicines - that's part of the practice too. But sometimes the solution is incredibly simplistic, and the best medicine is not a medicine at all.