Fighting Disease Without Drugs

We don't want to be reliant on medications for our health - every drug commercial confirms this. But fighting disease without medications means making healthy decisions consistently, and that takes effort. It doesn't come naturally to most - myself included.

We know eating that cheeseburger will contribute to weight gain, and heart disease - but those effects are obscure, and far away. Watching another episode (or season!!) of our favorite TV show feels great now - and every time we meditate the first 10 minutes are just thoughts of "am I really doing this correctly?" or "how is this actually going to benefit me?" (BTW - I wrote about this.) Plus, there's always "tomorrow." You can make up for it tomorrow, take that long hike when the weather is a little better, meditate when you don't feel so stressed - except... well, you know how that goes.

So what's the secret? From what I've seen, from my most successful patients and myself, it's a measurable goal. It's a reasonable plan. It's being honest with where we're struggling, and asking for help. It's showing up, whether you "feel like it" or not. Being accountable for something makes us a lot more likely to keep up with our progress.  

I want to hear from you. What is the most frustrating thing about taking care of your health? As a doctor, what can you tell me that will help me help you, and others like you? 

In Health,

Dr. Michael Stanclift

Naturopathic Doctor in Carlsbad CA