Are You Buying Fake Supplements on Amazon?

Have your high-quality supplements stopped working? If you got them on a site like Amazon, there’s a chance you bought fake supplements.

Problems With Fake Supplements:

Several trusted supplement companies have informed us of an “Amazon Problem.” One company told us they do not sell directly on Amazon, and hired a team to investigate why their products were being sold there (often at a discounted price).

The supplement company purchased their own products on Amazon and identified three separate problems:

  • Expiration Dates Changed - Sometimes the products were genuine but expired. The seller had changed the expiration dates on the packaging.

  • Poor Storage Conditions - Warehouses, where the products were stored, had not controlled the temperature. After sitting in the high heat for a prolonged period of time the quality degraded - meaning it was less effective.

  • Counterfeit Products - The third problem was sometimes the company’s packaging had been counterfeited and the product inside was not theirs!

Unfortunately, professional-grade supplements are fairly easy to forge - the packaging is usually what tells us we have the genuine thing. Only a lab could test what appear to be identical capsules and tell us if they contain the same compounds and dosages.

The Problem with Customer Reviews:

To compound the problem, Amazon has a BIG problem with fake customer reviews. So just because many people have praised the product and their results does not mean it’s actually working.

Trusted Supplement Suppliers:

In the past clinics had to stock professional-grade supplements in-office. There were many problems with this option: providers only prescribed what they had on their shelves, patients had to make trips to the clinic to pick up their supplements, during business hours, hoping what they needed was in stock. These problems have been eliminated by new supplement prescribing platforms.

In our clinic we email supplement prescriptions directly to our patient’s email, through Fullscript and Wellevate (which are connected to the two major distributors for professional-grade supplements, Natural Partners and Emerson Ecologics).

We really love these prescribing platforms because of the following benefits:

  • 20% discount to our patients.

  • Free standard shipping on orders over $50.

  • Autoship helps our patients stick to their treatment plans.

  • Saves our patient a trip to the clinic.

  • Available 24/7, many patients refill in the evening when they notice they’re running low.

  • A portion of the sale goes to our clinic.

  • It’s rare to have an item on backorder or out of stock.

  • Easy substitutions when items are backordered/out of stock.

  • Products never close to their expiration dates (maximum potency).

Also, many companies that were previously only available through healthcare providers now will sell directly to patients/consumers. Below are direct links to some of the trusted supplement brands we use at Up and Up Natural Medicine in Carlsbad.

Thorne Research

Nordic Naturals

Pure Encapsulations

Integrative Therapeutics


Gaia Herbs

Wise Woman Herbals

Prothera/Klaire Labs

Seeking Health