Fight Cold, Flu with our Full Immune Defense IV

Is there ever a good time to get a cold? I didn’t think so. You’ve got things to get done, and laying in bed waiting to get well just doesn’t jibe with that schedule. At the first sign of a cold or flu, my go-to herbs and supplements for patients and myself are Elderberry syrup and Liposomal Vitamin C. But if dosing three times a day isn’t enough or is too difficult to remember, I recommend getting a Full Immune Defense IV Drip.

This IV is similar to our IV Myer’s Cocktail with Glutathione, but with different dosages. Our Full Immune Defense IV formula is a powerful nutrient infusion to support your body’s immunity. The potent combination of IV Vitamin C, B vitamins, and minerals is one of our patients’ favorite formulas when they are fighting a cold, flu, or surrounded by people who are sick. Last year’s flu season was a tough one, and this formula helped many of our patients get out of the woods!

You probably already know Vitamin C is important for fighting infections. What you may not know is unlike most mammals, humans cannot make their own Vitamin C. Most mammals dramatically increase their body’s Vitamin C production in response to stress and infections, but we can’t do that. When we’re under stress, we have the same kind of response - our adrenal glands release our Vitamin C, however, those stores are pretty limited - somewhere between 300-2000mg in our entire body. If we’re not rapidly replenishing what we’re using, we can quickly get low in Vitamin C. And contrary to popular medical belief, numerous studies have shown low Vitamin C levels are common in industrialized countries.

So what can you do to boost your Vitamin C level and help your body fight stress and infections? During times of increased need, you can supplement Vitamin C. Absorption of Vitamin C in the digestion is limited, and as you increase the dosage the percentage you absorb declines. Also, supplementing over 2000-6000mg per day often causes the side effect of diarrhea. Giving Vitamin C in an IV avoids both the absorption limit and the side effect of diarrhea. Our Full Immune Defense IV has 12,500mg of Vitamin C which means it will temporarily get to a level much higher than normal in the body, where it produces its impressive therapeutic effects.

At normal levels in the blood, Vitamin C acts as an antioxidant, which can protect our cells from the oxidative stress caused by infections. At high dosages, Vitamin C chemistry in the blood can actually switch to be a “pro-oxidant,” creating hydrogen peroxide within your body. As you can imagine, hydrogen peroxide (H2O2) is great at destroying viruses and bacteria. Your immune system uses hydrogen peroxide as part of your body’s natural defenses against infections because your healthy cells break it down into harmless byproducts of water and oxygen (H2O+O2).

The B-Vitamins and minerals in the Full Immune Defense IV help your energy levels by supporting your body’s production of antioxidants and white blood cells that make up your immune system. These nutrients also help you detoxify (technically it’s called biotransformation), the waste products created from cell metabolism and fighting an infection.

Overall, our Full Immune Defense IV has become a patient favorite since we introduced it a few years ago. The formula has a much higher dosage of Vitamin C than our Myer’s Cocktail with Glutathione, and from our experience is a great option for boosting immunity. When you feel a cold or flu coming on, or if you’re in the midst of a nasty infection you can’t kick, come in for a Full Immune Defense IV today!