Are You Buying Fake Supplements on Amazon?

Are You Buying Fake Supplements on Amazon?

The supplement company purchased their own products on Amazon and identified three separate problems:

  • Expiration Dates Changed - Sometimes the products were genuine but expired. The seller had changed the expiration dates on the packaging.

  • Poor Storage Conditions - Warehouses, where the products were stored, had not controlled the temperature. After sitting in the high heat for a prolonged period of time the quality degraded - meaning it was less effective.

  • Counterfeit Products - The third problem was sometimes the company’s packaging had been counterfeited and the product inside was not theirs!

Is it a Bad Idea to Take Supplements and Herbs Without Medical Guidance?

If you feel a little lost in the vitamin aisle, you're not alone... How do you tell which one of these products might help you? How do you tell if it's actually working? And once you find what you want, how long should you take it for?