High dose vitamins and nutrients - fast!

Whether you're dealing with a cold, fighting off jet lag, or have a chronic medical condition, IV Nutrient Drips are an effective way to get the vitamins your body needs quickly!

Our IV Drips deliver biologically-active nutrients directly to your blood stream for rapid 100% absorption, and circulation to all your body's tissues. IV Drips can be especially helpful in digestive conditions, and when looking for quick results. The IV route avoids the "first-pass effect" that happens during digestion, which can greatly diminish the amount of nutrients that make it into your bloodstream. 

We offer a menu of tried and true IV Drip formulations (Myers' Cocktail, High Dose IV Vitamin C, IV Iron, etc.), and modify treatments based on your unique needs. Many of our IVs can be formulated for competitive athletes to comply with W.A.D.A. regulations. 

Referrals from health care professionals are welcome.