What Patients Say about Dr. Stanclift

Dr. Stanclift literally saved my life. I spent an extended time on disability with the ‘traditional’ medical doctors either patching together treatment for symptoms or treating me like a hypochondriac. I had given up hope of ever being well and settled for just existing. Out of desperation during an acute phase of illness, I sought out help from naturopathic medicine, of which I had always been skeptical. I am so very grateful that I did. Dr. Stanclift took the time to listen to my whole story and put together a successful treatment plan. After more than a decade of being unable to work, I have become a productive member of society again. Also, I feel good for the first time in my adult life! You cannot get a better success story or a higher recommendation than that. I encourage you to reach out to him even if good health seems completely out of your reach.
— Billie from Carlsbad, CA
I’m very happy to have found Dr. Stanclift, I went to three different doctors and they told me I had panic attacks and they were wrong. I had a bleeding ulcer and Dr. Stanclift found it the very first time. I am new in the country and Dr. Stanclift took time to explain everything and he made sure that I didn’t have any doubt.
— Maria from Oceanside, CA
The core difference between natural medicine and conventional medicine, in my experience, is the approach to healing. In that respect, I value Dr. Stanclift beyond what words can express. He is solution oriented. It really is that simple. Our paths crossed because he offers nutritional IVs that my daughter, with Crohn’s, benefits from tremendously. I think these IV’s helped my daughter turn her illness around and actually start healing. He is brilliant, knowledgeable and works to find the right solution for the individual. He respects that each patient is an individual and that what treatment works well for one, may not be appropriate for another. I appreciate that so much. He takes time, which is a rarity in modern medicine and frankly so refreshing. He is kind, gentle, patient, open and a very good listener. I learn something new every time we see him. More importantly, for me, my daughter is comfortable and at ease, which in and of itself is the highest compliment.
— Beth from Carlsbad, CA
Dr. Stanclift is a shining star in the the medical world. He really treats you as though you are his only patient, and an “entire” person, not just what you are there to see him for. I am a practical sort, and seek ‘western’ medicine for my health concerns most often, but have found that the health issues that I have been enduring lately in the last few years (woman age 45) have far better results with simple natural medicine approaches that Dr. Stanclift advises, then some generic pharmaceutical answer that I would get from a regular doctor. Dr. Stanclift, everything he has advised me has improved my health concerns (blood pressure, hormonal, fatigue, stress and anxiety) has helped me more than other methods (or pills) that western medicine would have shoved off on me. He is the real deal. Professional, passionate about his field, and about my health. You will be in great hands.
— H.K. from Marina del Rey, CA
I had not had a major lyme attack since moving to Oceanside and didn’t have a naturopath here. A friend recommended Dr.Stanclift... I was so grateful as my next step was the ER. I have been going to naturopaths for over 10 years and I was extremely impressed with his demeanor and compassion. He seemed to be very knowledgeable about naturopathic medicine in general.
Within an hour I was already feeling the life force coursing through [my] body again. I knew what I needed and I felt he was working with me the whole time. I highly recommend a visit to his peaceful office.
— Benedicte from Oceanside, CA
Dr. Stanclift is an amazing provider dedicated to treating the patient as a whole. I came to him with a problem I had been dealing with for a decade. I’d been to countless providers, undergone numerous tests and was told time and again that I was fine. I was frustrated, tired of being sick everyday and just wanted help. Dr. Stanclift was the only provider who took the time to listen and he helped me to feel better then ever. I would recommend him as a provider and plan to go back to him for any future ailments.
— Kelly from San Diego, CA
Dr. Michael Stanclift was great! ... I will definitely go back!
— Sofia from Los Angeles, CA
Dr. Stanclift is wonderful - very patient and thorough. I’ve been getting vitamin shots for quite a while and they are helping me with my energy levels. He takes his time with the patient and is very kind and thoughtful. I would trust him to treat any medical condition as I think he would try very hard to resolve the issue in a caring way.
— Sandra from Carlsbad, CA
I came into Carlsbad from Seattle for a month and was able to continue the treatment I had been getting for the last couple of months. I was able to get in easily and he was always great to work with. Dr. Stanclift is very knowledgeable about his area of expertise... Everything went just as I had hoped and I’ll be back there whenever I’m in town. Highly recommended.
— Steven from Seattle, WA
“Thanks Dr. Michael Stanclift, you rock!”
— Reno from La Jolla, CA
I’ve been seeing Dr. Michael Stanclift for about 3-4 months, and already my health has been restored. My thyroid levels are normal for the first time in years, and my adrenal exhaustion + depression has nearly disappeared. No conventional medications are being used, only natural remedies: supplements, diet, lifestyle changes, etc. I am so very grateful that Dr. Stanclift truly cares for my well-being. He took time to delve deep into my medical history and asked numerous questions regarding my current mental and physical status. He came up with an easy-to-follow protocol and now I’m finally feeling normal for the first time in years. Do yourself a favor and make your appointment with Dr. Stanclift ASAP!
— Jenny from Carlsbad, CA
I go every week for vitamin injections and it makes a huge difference in the way I feel! Dr. Michael Stanclift is the nicest person ever and knowledgeable! I would recommend anyone to go!
— Mallory from La Jolla, CA
I want to say thank you to Dr. Michael Stanclift. I had major surgery and was down for eight weeks. After 3 sessions I feel like a new person. Although I was skeptical to try B-12 shots they really boosted my energy and had my body feeling back to normal.
— Patty from Carlsbad, CA
I have been suffering from various seemingly unrelated complaints for a very long time. Any “regular” doctors that I went to would run tests and say that everything was fine, I was starting to feel (and I’m quite sure I was being regarded as) a hypochondriac.
I have had people who have not seen me for a month comment that they did not recognize me and how good I looked...I cannot describe how much better I actually feel.

Dr Stanclift is a patient, kind and caring man. He is a very good doctor, who will take his time listening and resolving things. You can really tell that his practice is about healing people, you are not just another number so that he can make money.
He truly has given me my life back, in a much healthier manner than ever before. Thank you!
— Billie from Carlsbad, CA