Vitamin Shot Menu

$37.50 each, Add-on Another for $18


Metabolic Jumpstart:

Helps your body metabolize fat during exercise. Improves satisfaction after meals, and sleep quality.


Methyl Folate:

Helps with mood, energy. Biologically active folate. Especially important in patients with MTHFR gene variants. 


Sunshine in a Shot:

A month’s worth of Vitamin D, with 100% absorption. 

Clear Head:

Need a little extra brain power? This shot helps your brain produce neurotransmitters needed for focus and concentration.




Bio-Active B-12:

Biologically active, so you get results fast! Improves sleep quality and energy. Especially important for people who take antacids or eat a vegetarian diet.


Immune Kickstart:

Formulated to promote immunity, and resilience to stress. 


Busy Bee:

Helps your body adapt to the stresses of a busy lifestyle. Reduces irritability and improves sleep quality.


Secret Advantage:

Helps with mental and physical endurance. Restores your body’s most potent antioxidant, reduces inflammation. Especially helpful for physical activity, or after drinking alcohol.